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plants for work

plants for business

Looking to breathe new life into your business space? Why not consider the magic of houseplants! These incredible botanical wonders have the power to completely revamp a room, infusing it with a fresh, inspiring, and uplifting feel. Whether you're lo

team gifting

Modern workplaces prioritise building strong teams rather than mere workforces. Show your appreciation for team members through corporate gifting, which is truly valued by the recipients. Whether it's a token of gratitude for their hard work, a birth

client gifting

One of the best ways to say thank you to your clients is through a thoughtful gift. At House of Kojo, we recognise the significance of customer retention, and a gift that finds a place in your clients' homes serves as a constant reminder of the outst

plants for office spaces

Transform your office space with a touch of greenery! Our knowledgeable plant experts can recommend the perfect plants to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need low-maintenance plants that thrive with little care, or air-purifying plants s

plants for cafes, restaurants & hotels

We understand the impact that well-chosen plants can have on the overall ambience of your café, bar, or restaurant. Our dedicated team of plant experts is ready to recommend plants that perfectly complement your space and meet your unique needs.

interior designers

Houseplants can truly elevate the aesthetics of any space, adding a natural and refreshing touch. We are here to support your upcoming projects by supplying plants that perfectly complement your design vision. Whether you need statement plants to cre

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