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the item i want is out of stock!

Had you finally found that perfect plant to fill that gap on your bookshelf? Or gift to a fellow plantaholic friend, only to realise we don't currently have it in stock? (Sorry!) Please don't fret, at our warehouse, we keep our stock limited, and it'

which forms of payment do you accept?

For all orders made, including those for local pickup, we take a secure payment online. We welcome a wide range of payment options which are listed below.

how do I redeem my discount code or gift card?

If you have a discount code or gift card to redeem, simply pop it into the designated box during checkout.

can I pick out the exact plant I would like?

At HoK, we lean towards pre-selecting options for you. This helps keep our packaging team in the flow and ensures your plants get shipped out as quickly as possible, landing on your doorstep in no time. When it comes to selecting your plants, our fan

looking for a rare plant?

Is there a plant on your wishlist that you haven't been able to find anywhere? We specialise in the rare and unusual, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do!